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VDC (Virtual Design & Construction)

Comfort Systems USA Southwest is proficient at virtual design and construction (VDC), which improves efficiencies and saves money by reducing the project schedule. VDC efforts during pre-construction help identify constructibility issues and recognize gaps in sequence and schedule. Using VDC to identify areas of improvement, such as placing hanger points in the field that were extracted from the BIM, allows our team to also adjust material types and layout for real-time cost analysis.

Forward-Thinking Solutions

Comfort Systems USA southwest uses top-of-the-line Hilti Total Stations during VDC, which allows for one-person operation, delivering significant productivity gains and eliminating human errors in measurements. We are also adding a scanner that will allow us to digitally record existing construction and place it into our BIM for even more accuracy.

The end result is that design and construction partners can collaboratively simulate a project in a 3D virtual environment before doing any on-site, real-world work. To learn more about how Comfort Systems USA Southwest can make your project a success, contact us today. We’re here to help.

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