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At Comfort Systems USA Southwest, we take pride in our safety performance which is the direct result of teamwork prioritizing effective communication, collaboration and coordination. Our project management teams work closely with regulatory personnel to provide our employees the best support possible.

This approach also allows us to assure each customer that maintaining high safety standards while on their property is not only critical to the successful completion of a project, it demonstrates Safety as one of our core values. “Nothing is so important that it cannot be done safely.”

5X5 Safety Culture | Comfort Systems USA Southwest

5X5 Safety Culture

Maintaining a strong safety culture is essential. At the core of the Comfort Systems USA Southwest safety and health program is the 5X5 hazard assessment process taught to help all employees understand the importance of identifying and mitigating potential risks. The 5X5 safety process encourages all persons to STOP before entering an area or starting a task, LOOK around and FIND potential hazards that would need to be eliminated or guarded.

Our Safety Approach

At Comfort Systems USA Southwest, our employees are our most valuable asset; and providing a safe and healthy work environment is our greatest responsibility. Safety is our top Core Value and provides the foundation of our strong safety culture. We strive individually and collaboratively to identify and eliminate hazards in the workplace to ensure our practices and procedures uphold the highest safety standards. Effective risk management and hazard prevention efforts are the hallmark of efficient operations. We accomplish this through the active participation of our employees and adhering to the following:

  • Identifying and evaluating foreseeable risks and developing procedures to mitigate those risks.
  • Conducting effective safety training for all company employees on a regular basis.
  • Investigating all incidents and near misses to determine causes and implement corrective actions to minimize the probability of recurrence.

Safety Practices and Protocols

Our safety performance principles are focused on the use of industry best practices and proven safety protocols to ensure our employees are equipped with the knowledge to address any work-related challenges. This is accomplished through effective training, task preparation and hazard mitigation efforts.

Our Commitment to Safety

Our industry-leading safety performance is the culmination of a strong culture and the unwavering support of the Comfort Systems USA Southwest management team. Our efforts are focused, measured and appropriate for the various challenges our employees meet each day. We are proud to say that our safety performance is well above industry standards and we continuously strive for improvement.

Let’s Create a Healthier, More Sustainable Future.

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