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Piping & Plumbing Fabrication

Because Comfort Systems USA Southwest utilizes our in-house BIM (Building Information Modeling) team’s spool drawing to fabricate piping and plumbing systems at our state-of-the-art, 50,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, we are able to increase quality control, shorten project schedules and reduce safety risk by minimizing required labor hours in the field.

The Highest Quality Fabrication Available

Our mechanized equipment and controlled environment allows us to produce prefabricated duct, piping spools and skids faster, safer and at an extremely high level of quality. This also reduces field labor issues—which shortens project schedules—and ensures the very highest quality product available in our industry.

We have capabilities of grooving pipe from 1-1/2” to 48” and do large pipe grooving for many of the local pipe distributors. Plus, our computerized plasma pipe and plate cutting table allows us to cut, bevel and build carbon steel and stainless fittings from 2” to 24” and cut up to 1-1/4” plate steel.

Comfort Systems USA Southwest has automated welding equipment that allows us to do multiple pass welds in a fraction of the time our competition can do them in the field. And the pipe bending and tee pulling equipment used in our manufacturing facility allows us to greatly reduce the amount of solder joints on our plumbing and piping projects, minimizing potential fire hazard associated with on-site soldering and eliminating thousands of potential leaks—all while saving time and money.

Let’s Create a Healthier, More Sustainable Future.

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