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Modular Skids

A modular skid is a steel-framed platform which heavy equipment is mounted to, allowing for easy movement and placement of equipment. The benefit of Comfort System USA Southwest’s ability to fabricate skids is that owners can often eliminate the addition of curbs, reduce project schedules and minimize field labor required for the installation.

Better Quality, More Safely

Our state of the art 50,000 sq ft mechanized manufacturing facility allows us to build pump, tank and modular equipment skids, faster, safer and at extremely high levels of quality, establishing Comfort Systems USA Southwest as a leader in modular mechanical construction. We will evaluate all projects and, if needed, can model them in 3D to ensure function and fit prior to build. With the use of the latest technology, equipment and overhead cranes, we are able to create a safer work environment and build a better quality product than anyone else in the industry. If our services are needed on your project, please contact us at any time—we’re here to help.

Let’s Create a Healthier, More Sustainable Future.

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