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Dust Hazard Analysis

Comfort Systems USA Southwest is uniquely qualified in the collection and capture of hazardous particulates to improve indoor air quality, the environment and to protect employees from exposure to harmful chemicals and nuisance dusts. As the premier mechanical contractor in the area to offer dust hazard analysis, we hope you will contact us when you need to evaluate the combustibility and explosive potential of the particulates being collected throughout your facility.

We begin with a site survey to determine locations where combustible dusts are generated or present and to capture layout and sizing of existing ductwork. Once we have identified possible hazards affiliated with heat generation, electrical equipment and dust collection systems, we prepare a Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA). This includes collecting samples of dusts in the areas where potential hazards are identified for testing and evaluation.

Existing housekeeping procedures are reviewed and evaluated so we can provide recommendations for improvements, if needed. We will also coordinate with a certified third-party test and balance company to verify correct transport velocities in ductwork. Once completed, Comfort Systems USA Southwest prepares a comprehensive DHA in accordance with NFPA 652. This professional analysis report can then be submitted to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for review and approval.

Breathe Easier

The results of dust hazard analysis are used to determine the type of hazard medication that is required for a safe installation and to meet local and NFPA 652 requirements. Once your analysis is complete, we will have the comprehensive information needed to design a safe dust collection system for your facility. We look forward to helping you breathe easier.

The Comfort Systems USA Southwest Advantage

  • Expertise: Extensive knowledge and experience in identifying and mitigating dust hazards.
  • Responsiveness: Understanding client schedules, regulations, and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) objectives to provide solutions in a timely manner.
  • Communication: Professional approach when negotiating client objectives and documentation for solidifying proposed dust hazard concepts.
  • Solutions: Creative thinking in identifying issues, generating solutions and implementation criteria.
  • Documentation: Experts in developing DHAs for AHJs to approve the control of dust hazards.
  • Cost Effective: Multiple options are provided to reduce upfront and future maintenance expenses with documentation of equipment concerns, heat sources, cleaning schedules and procedures.

Let’s Create a Healthier, More Sustainable Future.

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