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BIM (Building Information Modeling)

In order to plan and visualize the entirety of your project during preconstruction, Comfort Systems USA Southwest provides BIM (building information modeling) coordination services prior to construction. This 3D view shows how your facility’s systems will come together, making it easy to visualize where everything will be and how your systems can be routed to maximize space and efficiency. BIM coordination also validates that what has been engineered will fit within the space allotted, as well as letting the owners, general contractors, architects and engineers see what the space will physically look like in case changes need to be made before construction starts—saving you time and money.

Virtual Construction—Modeling the Future

With our eye always on innovation, we utilize a wide variety of software in our virtual design and construction services, including software that enables us to produce not only three-dimensional modeling (3D) of objects and their spatial relationship to each other, but also allows for time modeling (4D) to determine project duration, cost modeling (5D), maintenance modeling (6D) and a complete life-cycle analysis (7D).

By integrating building modeling early on in the project, we can ensure that the mechanical and plumbing systems are fully coordinated with all trades. And when you partner with Comfort Systems USA Southwest, you can rest assured that if we find anything concerning within the modeling phase, we can proactively address the issues prior to having an impact on overall costs.

Let’s Create a Healthier, More Sustainable Future.

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