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Footprint Manufacturing Facility

A Cool, Happy Workforce

Prefabricated spiral duct work ceiling installation

Project Location: Chandler, AZ

Size: 131,000 sq ft

Project Description

During this project, we helped Footprint, an Industrial Manufacturer for plant-based fiber solutions, to dramatically improve the working conditions on their production floor. The existing duct drops in the warehouse extended only five feet below the deck, preventing the cold air from ever reaching the factory floor!

After completing the six-week project on an active factory floor, the duct drops now extend down 15 feet over the workers’ heads. New equipment was installed for their evaporative cooling system and had an immediate positive effect. The next day, workers brought in jackets instead of sweating! In 2020, the factory floor reached 104 degrees in the summer, sending workers home and halting production following the environmental health and safety protocols.

We are happy to help keep this workforce active, cool and safe!

Project Life Cycle