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Confidential - High Rise Office Building

A Crane lifting HVAC equipment

Project Location: Phoenix, AZ

Project Description

When the heat is turned up in 100+ degree summers, hundreds of occupants in this Arizona high-rise complex expect to stay cool inside. It takes a powerful, reliable system to cool down the building and deliver a comfortable experience, no matter what the temperature is outside. A strategic partnership with TRANE® enabled Comfort Systems USA Southwest to deliver on that expectation.

Aged and unpredictable, the previous chillers were original to the buildings and coming to the end of their serviceable life after 30 years running. Trane’s new Agility chillers were the right fit for the replacement. Even at 11,000 pounds and approximately ten by six feet in dimension, they have a smaller footprint and run more efficiently than the 30-year old units originally placed in the building complex. A total of five centrifugal chillers were slated for replacement to run the building complex; two of which are located in the basement for a Phase II installation and three in the penthouse. The installation of the three penthouse chillers was no small task. Enter a BRAGG Crane and the cooperation of the city to shut down a 4-block radius downtown for a weekend…

Upping the Game With Arizona's Largest Crane

To raise the bar on this project, BRAGG Crane and Rigging provided crane plans and permitting with the City of Phoenix. On Friday, February 12th at 7:00 pm, 30 semi-trucks rolled in with pieces of the Liebherr Crane to be assembled plus ready to use by 7:00 am on Saturday. It took a crane to construct this crane! As if making its entrance on a parade of semi-trucks wasn’t enough, Arizona’s largest crane demanded attention by closing down a four-block radius in downtown Phoenix, due to its remarkable size. Twelve hours later, after the new equipment was picked, placed and the final blocks of lumber descended, BRAGG disassembled the massive crane and finished cleaning the area all by Sunday night. An uplifting example of effective manpower.


Once Comfort Systems USA Southwest demolished and  removed the three former chillers, Trane Southwest District provided two 400 ton TRANE® HDWA Agility Chillers and one 200 ton TRANE® HDWA Agility Chiller for installation in the penthouse. With the advantage of an in-house custom fabrication shop, Comfort Systems USA Southwest insulated, painted, labeled and installed new chiller water piping to the new units. Additional scope of work to make this project a success included: replacing and installing twelve isolation and control valves, supplying new pressure gauges and thermostats, welder labor for BMS/IFL switches, cutting 16″ condenser pipe and welding four 16″ flanges and supplying flex connection to chillers. Comfort Systems USA Southwest is proud to partner and collaborate with the highly professional teams of individuals at Trane, Bragg and the Property Management company. We thank our clients for their trust and cooperation during this project and confidently state that this high-rise complex is now well-equipped and ready to take on the Arizona heat.

Project Life Cycle