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Serving Phoenix, Arizona

Comfort Systems USA Southwest is a local company with national resources. Beginning in 1962 as Tri-City Mechanical, the company served the residential HVAC and plumbing market in the Phoenix and surrounding areas. It was truly a family business, where all members had a position at one time. As the business grew and moved to commercial, Tri-City Mechanical contributed to the building of churches, county administration buildings, prisons, hospitals and the first ever central cooling plant for downtown Phoenix.

Team Phoenix

In 1997, Tri-City Mechanical was one of twelve companies that joined to form a single national entity for mechanical services known as Comfort Systems USA, a publicly held company, traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: FIX). Today, Comfort Systems USA Southwest is one of approximately 40 operating companies providing nationwide service from over 142 locations in 116 cities. Our main office and manufacturing facility is located in Chandler, Arizona, including a 50,000 sq ft manufacturing facility/shop. As one of the largest mechanical contractors in Arizona, Comfort Systems USA Southwest continues to play a vital role in the development of the Phoenix market, providing diverse end-to-end solutions that create healthier, more sustainable built environments.

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